Season Investments



The Alpha Strategies portfolio offers the potential for hitting consistent singles and doubles.


Over the past 10 years the financial industry has seen a plethora of sophisticated, alternative investment strategies, historically offered only through private partnerships, being brought to market in the form of ETFs and mutual funds. This trend has been driven by the groundswell of demand for alternatives that offer the benefits of liquidity and transparency, and it has created an opportunity for retail investors to participate in strategies that historically only the ultra-wealthy had access to.

The Season Investments Alpha Strategies portfolio invests in a variety of managers and passive funds in the long/short, global macro, and managed futures categories, among others. The objective of this portfolio is to produce efficient, risk-adjusted returns with limited correlation, less volatility and more consistency than traditional asset classes. While high-octane returns are not to be expected, the Unconstrained Alpha portfolio offers the potential for hitting consistent singles and doubles, and for generating positive returns in any market environment. As such, it can be a valuable complement to any core asset allocation.