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The Long and Short of Value Investing

There are many successful value investors that have made a name (and a fortune) for themselves exploiting irrationality in the stock market by identifying dislocations between prices and true long-term value. A new ETF seeks to isolate and capture this "value premium" systematically.

Don't Put All Your Eggs In Two Baskets

What does it mean to have a truly diversified portfolio? True diversification is more about the correlation of assets, or how they move in relation to each other, than it is about the sheer number of holdings in a portfolio.

Are TIPS Really Inflation Hedges?

A common concern among investors today is the prospect of runaway inflation. The knee jerk asset that many flock to for this purpose is the Treasury Inflation Protected Security (TIPS). It’s a common misconception that the primary role of TIPS is as an inflation hedge, which reflects a lack of understanding of the intricacies of how TIPS actually work.

The Search For Antifragility In Volatility Investments

The most often quoted metric of stock market volatility is the VIX Index. We explore a new ETP which is designed to tread water during periods of relative calm in the markets and partially participate in big upward spikes in the VIX when markets sell-off, which is the definition of an antifragile investment.

Three Fundamental Tailwinds For Gold

For centuries gold has been considered a store of value. Its portability and permanency gave rise to our modern day understanding of using currency in exchange for goods and services. We see three major fundamental tailwinds working in gold’s favor right now.

Micro Update: Antifragile Investments

Nassim Taleb defines antifragility as something that thrives from random and unexpected shocks. At Season Investments we search far and wide for assets that have the potential to exhibit antifragile characteristics. One such investment that we hold in the Absolute Return asset class is the 361 Managed Futures Strategy Fund.

Micro Update: Japanese Yen

Japanese bonds and the Yen have fared extremely well over the past three decades in the face of persistent deflation and sluggish economic growth. This strength is largely due to Japan’s aging population, which is becoming more heavily skewed to the older end of the spectrum. As such, the Yen makes for an excellent play against US Dollar devaluation.

Macro Update: China's Engineered Slowdown

Despite boasting the second largest economy in the world and being home to 20% of the globe’s population, China is still very much an “emerging” market. From a long-term perspective China’s growth story will clearly be one of the primary trends over the next several decades.

Introducing MarketVANE

Our entire portfolio management methodology is based on the believe that “the best offense is a good defense”, and that the best way to achieve return objectives over time is by mitigating large capital losses that come from “riding out” steep downturns in risk assets.

Micro Update: White Metals

Precious metals have been an excellent store of value and are considered to be on the more defensive end of the commodity risk spectrum. They tend to outperform the broader commodity complex when real interest rates are low, or negative as they are today, since the opportunity cost of holding a non-yielding asset is minimal.

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