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On Being A Father

Posted on September 25, 2018

“When humans started to call me Dad.” – Dana Carvey, on when he felt most loved in life

2018-09-25_ocean.jpgLast week I took a few days for what’s become an annual pilgrimage to Oceanside, CA for some in depth “life planning”. This is time that I’ve set aside for myself (along with a couple of friends) to reflect on the past year, dwell on the big questions and organize my priorities for the coming months.

In recent years a central theme during this time away has consistently been my role as father to my three beautiful kids. They’re growing up so quickly, and I want to be intentional about investing into each of them individually. Life is busy, and if I’m not careful the days will just slip by and I’ll miss opportunities for creating rich memories or taking advantage of teaching moments. As my friend Chris said during our recent time away, “I want to be able to look back on my life and know that I did the absolute best I could with the time and resources I was given.” There’s probably no other area of my life where this resonates more than fatherhood.

My recent time away has combined with a parenting book I’m currently reading, a handful of timely conversations with friends and a particularly busy and stressful September to heighten my awareness of the importance of balance and intentionality in my life. And that’s why for this week’s Insight I wanted to share an article that I stumbled upon a couple of days ago. Vitaliy Katsenelson is a market commentator that Elliott and I have both been reading for years, and I thought his post this week was particularly relevant to what’s been on my mind lately. Below is a short snippet from the article, followed by a link to the full article…enjoy.

“Our appreciation of material things has a very short shelf life. We value the experiences and memories they create exponentially more. His kids may not have the fancy toys and big houses that some of their friends do. But to them those things won’t matter much; they’ll have the warm glow of love their father gave them.

As an entrepreneur you always want to grow your business larger. Your current revenue and profit are never enough; they just set the bar higher for next year. We always want more. But this “more” has a cost, a cost we don’t see at the time: time with our family. It’s my core responsibility to provide for my family, but at some point I (and maybe some of my readers) may say that more is not worth it.”


david_headshot_bw.jpgAuthor David Houle, CFA is a founding member of Season Investments. He serves as the firm's Chief Compliance Officer as well as sitting on the investment committee overseeing the management of client assets. David spent nearly ten years in various roles primarily managing individual client assets prior to co-founding Season Investments. David graduated with a degree in Finance from Colorado University in Colorado Springs in 2003 and earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2006. David and his wife Mandy have three children and spend most of their free time with friends and family.

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