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Is Cryptocurrency A Bubble?

In the same way that an escalating price does not validate cryptocurrency as legitimate, a collapsing price does not necessarily reveal it to be a fraud. Its long-term staying power will be determined by a whole host of other aspects in addition to investor sentiment and price behavior.

Is Cryptocurrency Money?

Is cryptocurrency money? The short answer to this question is clearly yes since we’ve already established that pretty much anything can be money, and cryptos meet most of the general criteria for something to be considered as such. The more relevant question is whether or not they are a good form of money.

History of Cryptocurrency

The meteoric rise of the “cryptos” has been one of the most fascinating phenomena we’ve seen in our careers, and we continue to watch its development with great interest on a daily basis. In this week’s Insight we’ll rewind the clock about ten years and provide a high level review on how we got to where we are today.

Blockchain And Bingo

We cannot have a conversation about cryptocurrencies without having a conversation about the blockchain. In simple terms, the blockchain is the digital architecture upon which cryptocurrencies are built. It is the accounting system, the ledger, the mechanism for keeping the transactional history for any particular cryptocurrency.