Season Investments



An Alternative to Buy-And-Hold

We field many questions about the potential value-add of a tactical allocation strategy over a more static buy-and-hold approach. Ultimately, there are a number of different ways to solve the retirement puzzle. Buy-and-hold investing is one perfectly legitimate strategy, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution that every investor should follow.

A Post-Truth World

The word “post-truth” was recently named the word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries as its use skyrocketed 2,000% this year. At its core, post-truth is the act of influencing people by appealing to their emotions at the expense of facts and truth. In a post-truth world, the end always justifies the means.

There Will Also Be Bailouts

While most of the time I feel like the media consistently blow things out of proportion, in this case I feel quite the opposite. A real and present danger is being swept under the rug due to a lack of politically agreeable solution. The danger I’m referring to is the looming crisis lying in wait within our state and local pensions.