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Bonds in Bondage

Bonds are an asset class that we have been giving a lot of thought to lately. Bonds are in bondage to the low rates created by loose monetary policy, and the question of what to do about it is one of the more frequent ones we field in client meetings.

The Virtues Of Raw Cauliflower

This week’s Insight is an excerpt from a recent publication by 361 Capital regarding year-to-date performance, diversification and how portfolios are constructed. We especially like the analogy comparing portfolio construction to a chef preparing a meal, and we believe alternative investments are a key ingredient for helping our clients achieve their long-term objectives.

All Together Now

Last Friday we caught a glimpse of the extent to which financial markets are still addicted to monetary stimulus when stocks, bonds and commodities all tumbled in response to comments made by Fed officials. When everything is grinding upward, moving All Together Now is not a problem, but that sentiment changes quickly when asset classes begin to nosedive in tandem.