Season Investments




Zero interest rates are intended to induce growth in borrowing, lending and general risk taking throughout the economy. But what happens when ZIRP doesn’t have its intended effect on economic activity? You move to the next logical extreme: NIRP.

Investing With Binoculars

Stocks, bonds, hard assets and absolute return strategies alike have all offered up relatively muted returns in recent years. As we’ve stressed time and time again, it’s important in times like these to take a long-term view and realize that most short-term periods fall somewhere above or below expected averages.

Plight of an NBA Superstar

As any casual NBA fan already knows, Kevin Durant was in the news last week with his decision to leave the OKC Thunder for this year's NBA Finals runner-up Golden State Warriors. His decision to abandon his team in order to join a rival was seen as a betrayal to say the least. Why is this move becoming more common place in the NBA?