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More Decisions Under Uncertainty

With a short week and on the heels of last week's post, we have decided to do a re-post on the topic of Decision Analysis. This week's post looks at how to make rational versus emotional decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Part of the Game

The human brain processes information in a linear fashion, but we don't live in a linear world. Our world is a complex system with lots of moving parts and plenty of good old fashion chance/luck at play. As such, we shouldn't judge our decision making based on good or bad outcomes, but rather look at the process behind the decision being made.

A Billion Dollar Hiccup

Last Monday Lending Club shocked markets when it announced that its well-liked founder and CEO, Renaud Laplanche, had been asked by the board to step down. In response, the company’s stock price has dropped like a rock erasing nearly $1 billion in market value in a week. This week's insight looks at the specific implications of this news on our P2P investment strategy.

Have a Coke and a Smile

Jared Dillian, a recovering Wall Street trader, is near the top of our list of financial writers. His newsletters are both entertaining and dripping with insights that we don’t get anywhere else. This week we are linking to one of his recent publications in which he calls out some of the hypocrisy prevalent in our industry’s “conventional wisdom”.

Is Repatriation A Patriotic Duty?

As we all know, election years tend to dredge up a variety of widely debated topics and issues. One big one is tax policy. Where should tax rates be set? Who should be responsible for how much? These are questions that will always be highly contested, not just on the national stage but at the state and local level as well.