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A New Vehicle For Subprime

Roughly eight years ago the subprime mortgage lending crisis began unfolding here in the US, eventually leading to the global financial crisis and multiple years of economic hardship. Today the auto industry appears to be repeating these same sins of the past.

The Paradox of Automation

Last week Elon Musk announced a new autopilot feature for the Tesla model S. This type of intersection between man and machine is not new, but when it comes to automation, the normal human tendency is to resist the change based on a certain level of distrust that the machine will not be able to properly execute the task at hand.

Maybe We're All Confused

We have often argued that chaos theory has a lot to teach us about global economics. The seemingly infinite confluence of factors all intersecting in the economic space time continuum make it very difficult to decipher what current data means for the future.

The Billion Dollar Tweet

Over the past several years, no sector in the US stock market has been hotter than US Biotechnology companies. Yet one tweet by one very influential person erased billions of dollars of shareholder value in a single day.