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Why Oil & Gas Prices Have Diverged

The price of oil has sold off rather spectacularly over the past year due primarily to a decision by OPEC not to cut production in the face of softening oil demand worldwide. In this week’s Insight we explore the relationship between oil and gasoline and look at why gas and oil prices have diverged.

The Better Part of Valor

In Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Falstaff survives a battle by pretending to be dead and justifies his deception by rationalizing that, “The better part of valor is discretion.” While this line was intended to be tongue in cheek, there is certainly some truth to the statement in that courage finds a better companion in caution than in recklessness.

Swimming Naked

The current drama unfolding in China has many of the same characteristics of a classic bubble (see Dutch Tulip Mania, the Roaring 20’s, or the Internet Bubble as a couple examples), but with a couple key differences that may end up creating some long-term repercussions for China.