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You Don't Always Get What You Pay For

This week we continue the discussion on risk by looking at the erosive impact that unnecessary fees and expenses can have on a person’s long-term wealth accumulation. Think of fees and expenses as reverse compounding –annualized costs might not be eye-popping at first glance, but over time their compounded effects can be substantial.

Keeping the End in Mind

No one wakes up in the morning thinking, “Today is the day to plan for my demise,” which is why so many people go through lives under-insured without a will or estate plan in place. Today we will look at the risk of not planning for the future of our assets after we pass away.

Tell Your Money Where To Go

When we talk about financial risk most of our us jump straight to the potential for catastrophic events such as a stock market collapse, being laid off at work, or incurring significant medical expenses. But today we’re going to take a step back and discuss a more subversive risk that can (and does) impact nearly all of us – the risk of not saving enough money.

The Cost of Being Human

So many people are eager to accumulate and grow financial wealth, yet they exhibit the exact opposite behaviors needed to do so. The principles that lead to financial gain and long-term investment success are not shrouded in mystery. There is no secret sauce or hidden formula, and in theory it is really quite theory.