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Deviating on the Definition of Risk

Over the next several weeks we will unpack the question "What is risk?" to explore different areas of risk people take in their finances and the best way to manage them. In today’s post we will start by looking at the most common definition of risk in finance: the standard deviation (or volatility) of portfolio returns.

Risky Thinking

When was the last time you sat down and thought long and hard about risk? An intentional and thorough consideration of the variety of risks you’re taking in life and why. Risk is an ever-present part of nearly every area of life, and as financial market participants we know that it’s part of the equation that cannot be eliminated.

The Power of Prediction

Being right about something tells the world around us that we are knowledgeable and wise. This is why so many financial pundits make brash predictions about the future to give themselves an aura of wisdom. In this week’s post we will look at an individual who was a huge benefactor of this practice and what we can learn from his story.

Labor Market Goes Out Like A Lamb

Last Friday the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics released the jobs data for the month of March, and although the labor market entered the month like a lion, it went out like a lamb. This week we’ll unpack the current state of the jobs market by reviewing a series of charts.