Season Investments



A Creative Way To Save

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to spend is by using a credit card, which ends up being the downfall of many people’s savings plans as they end up living well beyond their means. But on the flip side, credit cards can also be useful tools that actually help people reach their savings goals if utilized responsibly.

Inflation Data In The Information Age

The sheer amount of information available to us in this day and age is absolutely mind-boggling. There are a number of ways to quantify and measure inflation, but one metric that has caught our eye recently is the State Street PriceStats Inflation Index, which measure real time changes in inflation.

The Greatest Fault

Everyone make mistakes, yet we have an inherent aversion to admitting them. This very human characteristic is a form of self defense by our ego that can counter-productive to being a successful investor and more importantly a well balanced individual.

Fasten Your Seatbelts

The market’s reaction to the strong jobs’ report on Friday was not pretty. About the only investment that was green on the day was the US dollar. The problem the Fed now faces is whether or not to raise rates under the deflationary pressure of a strong currency and lackluster growth in other developed countries.

ARCP's Road To Recovery

Last November we profiled the internal accounting scandal and ensuing collapse in the stock price of ARCP. Our conclusion was that the fundamental value of ARCP's real estate portfolio would ultimately win the day. A lot has happened with this company since that original post, and given the significance of this holding for our clients we felt an update was warranted.