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Is It Time To Sell Apple?

A little over two years ago we published a post explaining why were bullish on the stock everyone loved to hate…Apple. Today we will revisit our original thesis, review what Apple has done over the past two years, and look at what the future might hold for the company.

Not Here Yet

Now that the Fed’s third, and supposedly final, round of QE is concluded, the next step is to begin reversing its zero interest rate policy by making short-term interest rate hikes. Predicting when the first rate hike will take place, despite being a near impossible task as we will show, has been the source of endless discussion in the financial media in recent months.

Building A Better Mousetrap

P2P lending is trying to displace the traditional banking model. One of the reasons we are so bullish on P2P lending is because we see it as a technology play in an established and proven industry. P2P platforms are simply building a better mousetrap through the use of technology in the age old banking industry.

Lost Decade For Sale

You lend the government money for ten years, and in return they’ll offer you a yield just barely high enough to cover expected inflation over that time period. Sure, you might not gain any real ground, but at least you won’t be losing purchasing power. How does that sound? Are you ready to buy a lost decade?