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A Fool's Wisdom

No one likes to be called a fool and very few people consider themselves to be foolish, but the fact of the matter is that we all express some degree of overconfidence in our abilities or knowledge which lead to foolish decisions. What is it about human nature that makes it so hard to simply admit “we don’t know” certain things?

Swiss Surprise

Last Thursday the Swiss National Bank (SNB) surprised the market by announcing that it would no longer peg the value of the Swiss Franc to the Euro. The news sent the Franc soaring against the Euro while the Swiss stock market cratered. This week we look at the reasons for the peg, why it may have ended so abruptly, and what it all means for our US-based clients.

Enjoying Lower Gas Prices

The nature of our line of work is that we are in constant dialogue about economic and investment-related topics. Not surprisingly, the majority of questions and comments we've heard lately have been related to cheap gas prices, how long they will last and whether or not energy-related investments might represent a good opportunity.

What Lies Within Us

A little over 60% of Americans either regularly or occasionally make New Year’s resolutions and of those people only 8% succeed in achieving their goal. Spending less and saving more money was the third most popular resolution among Americans in 2014, as such, we will cover three helpful tips in achieving self-discipline in spending this week.