Season Investments



Nearing Depletion

Nearly 2 years ago we wrote about how P/E expansion through cost-cutting and share buy-backs were the tailwinds driving the stock market higher. Since then we have seen more of the same as growth in earnings has vastly outpaced sales, but how sustainable is this tailwind going forward?

Oil's Macro Shift

October has been a rough month for the broader stock market but an even rougher month for energy related investments as the price of oil has dropped precipitously. These kinds of drastic changes in the price of oil create a multitude of downstream effects in the global economy.

Crude Chaos

Chaos theory is extremely applicable to the world of economics, capital markets and public policy. If the economy is a pool of water, every decision made by every individual, corporation and policy maker is a pebble (some larger than others) creating its own individual ripple effects.

Exercise Your Options

Knowing how to wade through the plethora of college savings vehicles can be difficult. In this week’s Insight we bring some clarity to the topic by unpacking three of the most commonly-used options.