Season Investments



The Long Hike

As we recently explained in An Update On The Fed, now that quantitative easing is on its way out the focus has shifted to when the Fed will begin to hike short-term interest rates. It’s hard to believe, but it is going on six years now since former Chairman Ben Bernanke took short term rates down to the zero bound.

Average Isn't Good Enough

We often hear advice on how to save and invest, but not a whole lot of attention is given to how to stick with our savings and investment plans through thick and thin. Emotions can reek havoc on our investment returns and lead to inadequate returns for the "average investor."

Red Flag On The Margin

We have written a couple of times in recent weeks about some warnings signals flashing for stock market investors. This week we take a look at NYSE Margin Debt.

The Debtor's Merry-Go-Round

The recent memory of a nationwide housing collapse continues to keep home ownership rates down while putting upward pressure on rents, which are now growing faster than wages. If left unchecked, this could spell disaster for young professionals who are trying to keep their head above water and get off the debtor's merry-go-round.