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Long In The Tooth?

If you do a simple google search of “market long in the tooth” you’ll discover how widely used this phrase can become once a market has been in a steady uptrend for a significant period of time. But when someone asserts that a bull market has grown long in the tooth what exactly are they trying to say?

The Last Truck

Much of the research coming across our screen in recent days has highlighted the potential potholes in the road ahead for investors. More and more pundits are calling the structural integrity of the bridge into question, and people are beginning to guess how many more trucks might be able to cross before the whole things starts to crumble.

An Update on the Fed

Janet Yellen is presenting the first of two days of testimony to Congress in which the Federal Reserve Chair will deliver prepared comments that is followed by grueling questioning. All eyes and ears are fixed on any additional guidance and insight Ms. Yellen might provide into when and how the FOMC might begin to shift its policies.

The Capitalist Dilemma

Over the past couple years, much attention has been given to the wealth gap here in the United States and around the rest of the world. The question we must ask is whether the current gap between the “have’s” and the “have not’s” creates a fundamental problem for our society and if so, how do we fix it?

Peer-To-Peer Is Here!

After over a year of due diligence on peer-to-peer lending, we are happy to announce a new managed account offering for our clients on the Lending Club platform. For those that are still somewhat unfamiliar with peer-to-peer lending, we will review the industry and the lending process in this week’s Insight.