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When To Take Social Security

The question of when to start taking Social Security benefits is asked time and again by individuals approaching retirement. Unfortunately the skepticism surrounding the Social Security program, may be causing people to make ill-informed decisions about when to start taking their benefits.

Mixed Signals

A lot has been made in the financial media recently of the behavior of the bond market in light of the stock market rising to new heights. So far this year this historical relationship has not held up. This has surprised most market participants given that the strong consensus heading into 2014 was that bond yields, hovering around 3% at the time, were going nowhere but up.

Subprime Goes To College

A lot has been made of the so called “student loan crisis” in the financial media in recent months. Increases in default rates and student borrowing have led to a wave of hand-wringing and doomsday predictions. While there is a lot to be concerned about in this credit sector, there are a variety of reasons why such comparisons are overblown.

A Winning Combination

This will be our third post in a three week series on real estate investing in which we move beyond the personal residence and look at investment properties that can not only capture appreciation but also produce cash flow from rents.