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To Own Or Not To Own?

In last week’s post we looked at whether a primary residence can be considered an adequate substitute for an investment portfolio. In this week’s post, we will take on a slightly different task of trying to answer the question of whether it is better to own a house or simply rent.

Home Sweet Home

For generations, Americans have been taught that owning a home is one of, if not the best, investment they can make with their money. In a recent Gallup poll, Americans currently rank real estate as the best investment over stocks, gold, bonds, and savings accounts but is that really the case?

A Look Back At Bitcoin

This week’s Insight will be a re-post of a piece that we wrote almost exactly a year ago. A lot has happened over the past twelve months, and the topic of Bitcoin is even more prevalent today than it was twelve months ago.

Is Investing a Rigged Game?

This past week the financial press has been enamored with the topic of high frequency trading (“HFT”), which was sparked by a 60 Minutes interview with author Michael Lewis who called the US stock market "rigged."

Social (In)security

Last week we discussed the history of our nation’s social security program.In this week's post we’ll analyze the long-term viability of the plan, and how that impacts us as savers and investors.