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Tail Wags The Dog

Investors are more confident in the quality and potential growth of the stock market’s underlying earnings today than they were a year ago. Profit margins are currently at record high levels versus their historic average, but can the current level be sustained?

Is Bernanke Blowing A Bubble?

Are stocks in a bubble? This question seems to be nagging more and more people as stocks march to all-time highs. One of the main reasons for skepticism is the Federal Reserve’s loose monetary policy of zero percent interest rates and open-ended quantitative easing.

A Hedge(d) Fund

In 1949 Alfred Jones launched what is now considered the first hedge fund. Over the years the hedge fund industry has expanded dramatically to include a wide variety of strategies; many of which look nothing like Jones’ original fund. But there are funds today that still hedge their portfolio using the traditional long/short construction.

Monthly Macro: New Leadership Paves The Way

This Monthly Macro will focus on improving economic data in the US, Janet Yellen’s recent nomination and some monumental proposals coming out of China’s most recent third plenary session.