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Fed Ed: The Genesis

Over the next four weeks we will be doing a series of Insights on the Federal Reserve. Today we start this series by taking a look at the history of the US banking system and the events leading up to the creation of the Federal Reserve under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Stock Market Sniper

The 361 Managed Futures Fund can be thought of as a stock market sniper as it patiently waits in cash for the opportunity to take a shot. The premise of the strategy is that one need not be exposed to the risk embedded in the stock market 100% of the time in order to capture the lion’s shares of the returns.

Nuclear Default

The historical record clearly shows that the politicization of the debt ceiling that we are seeing today is nothing new. That said, we are closer to an actual default today than we have been in the past, and the chasm separating democrats and republicans on this issue has caused nearly the entire globe to begin asking tough questions. A US default…what does that even mean?

Don't Leave Money On The Table

We are constantly asked whether clients should be funneling money into a 401k, an IRA, or simply saving their money in a taxable account. Although the circumstances and goals/objectives of each client are different, this week we cover some basic “rules of thumb” for retirement savings.

Monthly Macro: Green Shoots, Meet Congress

The month of September brought a slew of positive marginal changes in global economic data, the FOMC decided to leave its quantitative easing program unchanged at $85 billion a month, and Congress decided to embark on the "Shutdown Showdown."