Season Investments



Dual Headed Policy Monster

We have been, and continue to be, in a policy-driven market environment. While the focus has largely been on the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, Washington’s fiscal policy has also been hugely influential.

Give Me Five

American Realty Capital (ARC) has been a disruptive force in the private REIT industry. Historically, private REIT offerings were littered with conflicts of interest, high fees, and no liquidity. ARC set out to change the game by creating more transparency and aligning management’s incentives with their shareholders.

The Hunt For Yield

The lack of available income in almost every corner of the publicly traded investment universe has forced us to broaden our horizon in the hunt for yield. One area that we think offers excellent risk adjusted returns is in the relatively new peer to peer lending space.

Monthly Macro: Tug Of War In Confidence

This month’s piece will focus on a few themes that show the ongoing tug of war between confidence and uncertainty. We’ll discuss equity market complacency, Syrian tensions and green shoots in the European and Chinese economies.