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Taper Tantrum

When the New York Times first affixed the words “Taper Tantrum” to a video released last week, they likely had no idea how appropriate the phrase would be for what would ensue in the financial markets over the next several days. Neither did we, or anyone else we know of for that matter.

Terrible Taper & Rising Rates

There has been much speculation as to what has caused the recent rise in interest rates. The general consensus is that the market is anticipating a change in the Federal Reserve’s latest QE program, but what will it take for interest rates to continually rise from here?

The Bungee Effect

Jeremy Grantham is one of the better known value investors in finance today. His long successful track record, bold forecasts, and firm belief that all things revert to the mean has set him apart from the rest of the pack, which is why we have decided to make his Benchmark-Free Allocation strategy a core holding in our Absolute Return bucket.

Monthly Macro: Falling Forward vs Just Falling

In our Monthly Macro, we highlight the global themes that we believe are the most important and discuss why they matter for investors. This month’s piece will focus on the US recovery, speculation about Fed tapering, the improving federal deficit and a shift in Germany’s stance on austerity.