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Taking Another Bite At The Apple

Like all multi-national companies, Apple earns a large amount of money from their overseas operations. If they decide to bring those profits back to the US they are required to pay the 35% corporate tax rate to repatriate those funds. Apple is not the first company to use legal accounting strategies to minimize their tax bill, and they won’t be last.

Lack Of Participation

In an era of policy-driven capital markets it’s essential to stay in tune with and even anticipate major policy shifts before they are yesterday’s news. The labor force participation rate is one of the key economic data points that will have an impact on Fed policy in the coming quarters.

Trading At The Speed Of Light

HFT is an algorithmic (computer based) trading approach that tries to make a very small profit over an extremely short period of time. Most HFT trading is done by market participants trying to skim fractions of pennies off of millions of transactions each and every day.

Monthly Macro: Austerity vs Monetary Madness

In this month’s Monthly Macro piece we look at green shoots in the US, the changing attitude towards austerity in Europe, the pending questions surrounding China’s economy and the latest round of monetary madness courtesy of the Bank of Japan.