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Value Investors & Quants Unite

A strategy that is market neutral takes both long and short positions in order to reduce the impact of the market while capturing the relative performance spread between the long and short portfolios. If executed correctly, market neutral strategies exhibit no correlation to stocks or bonds while delivering a unique return stream based purely on the manager skill.

Staying Flexible

A true alternative fund doesn’t always have to maintain low-correlation to the equity market. It just needs to be flexible enough to not be correlated at the right times.

Having Your Cake & Eating It Too

The improving fundamentals in emerging markets versus the deteriorating fundamentals in developed markets are primarily due to the different stages of the economic life cycle. Many emerging markets have made some tough, long-term decisions to bring their financial houses in order and are now reaping the benefits.

The Definition of a Bad Economist

American fiscal policy today seems more intent on delivering "heroics" than "healing". The upcoming Fiscal Cliff presents yet another moment of truth for the US Congress as it decides what to do with roughly half a trillion dollars of scheduled spending cuts and tax increases.