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Will the ECB go for Gold?

It has long been debated to what extent the ECB will be willing (or even legally capable) of engaging in outright bond purchases of Eurozone countries’ sovereign debt. Such programs have already been implemented throughout this crisis, but such efforts have been limited and have fallen short of anything akin to the US Fed’s quantitative easing programs.

The Long and Short of Value Investing

There are many successful value investors that have made a name (and a fortune) for themselves exploiting irrationality in the stock market by identifying dislocations between prices and true long-term value. A new ETF seeks to isolate and capture this "value premium" systematically.

Don't Put All Your Eggs In Two Baskets

What does it mean to have a truly diversified portfolio? True diversification is more about the correlation of assets, or how they move in relation to each other, than it is about the sheer number of holdings in a portfolio.

What Babe Ruth Teaches Us About Investing

Babe Ruth was the most accomplished hitter in baseball history, not because he was the most consistent but because he produced more bases per hit than anyone else. Likewise, sometimes the risk/reward profile is even more important than consistency when analyzing an investment strategy.

Is Low Volatility the Holy Grail of Investing?

In 1952 Harry Markowitz pioneered a portfolio management theory that set in motion a broad shift in portfolio construction methodology. Fast forward to today and you have a slew of investors that are questioning the merits of the market’s efficiency given the violent ups and downs of the past decade.