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Are TIPS Really Inflation Hedges?

A common concern among investors today is the prospect of runaway inflation. The knee jerk asset that many flock to for this purpose is the Treasury Inflation Protected Security (TIPS). It’s a common misconception that the primary role of TIPS is as an inflation hedge, which reflects a lack of understanding of the intricacies of how TIPS actually work.

It's An Upside Down World

In John Mauldin’s “upside down world” capital markets are no longer driven by finance and economics – they are driven by public policy. This is the world we’ve lived in for nearly four years now, and current price action in the market continues to bear this out.

The Search For Antifragility In Volatility Investments

The most often quoted metric of stock market volatility is the VIX Index. We explore a new ETP which is designed to tread water during periods of relative calm in the markets and partially participate in big upward spikes in the VIX when markets sell-off, which is the definition of an antifragile investment.