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Q&A: Do institutional investors have a longer investment horizon than others?

It is hard to answer this question in the scope of broad classifications such as institutional and non-institutional/"retail" investors. The biggest differentiator comes down to whose money is being invested.

Micro Update: Antifragile Investments

Nassim Taleb defines antifragility as something that thrives from random and unexpected shocks. At Season Investments we search far and wide for assets that have the potential to exhibit antifragile characteristics. One such investment that we hold in the Absolute Return asset class is the 361 Managed Futures Strategy Fund.

Q&A: How can you tell if commodities are under or over-valued?

Unlike a stock or a bond, a commodity is not a producing asset, but rather it is a hard asset. Therefore, the fundamental value of a commodity can't be calculated the same way as a producing asset. We rely on our Inflation Adjusted Commodity Index (IACI) to ascertain this value.

Micro Update: Closed-End Funds

A “closed-end fund” (CEF) has a fixed number of shares that can be bought or sold by investors in the open market. As such, supply and demand for those shares can cause the price of the fund to diverge from the NAV of its underlying holdings. This can present unique opportunities or risks for investors.