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Part of the Game

Posted on May 24, 2016

The human brain processes information in a linear fashion, but we don't live in a linear world. Our world is a complex system with lots of moving parts and plenty of good old fashion chance/luck at play. As such, we shouldn't judge our decision making based on good or bad outcomes, but rather look at the process behind the decision being made.

A Billion Dollar Hiccup

Posted on May 17, 2016

Last Monday Lending Club shocked markets when it announced that its well-liked founder and CEO, Renaud Laplanche, had been asked by the board to step down. In response, the company’s stock price has dropped like a rock erasing nearly $1 billion in market value in a week. This week's insight looks at the specific implications of this news on our P2P investment strategy.

Have a Coke and a Smile

Posted on May 10, 2016

Jared Dillian, a recovering Wall Street trader, is near the top of our list of financial writers. His newsletters are both entertaining and dripping with insights that we don’t get anywhere else. This week we are linking to one of his recent publications in which he calls out some of the hypocrisy prevalent in our industry’s “conventional wisdom”.

Is Repatriation A Patriotic Duty?

Posted on May 3, 2016

As we all know, election years tend to dredge up a variety of widely debated topics and issues. One big one is tax policy. Where should tax rates be set? Who should be responsible for how much? These are questions that will always be highly contested, not just on the national stage but at the state and local level as well.

Ostrich Finance

Posted on Apr 26, 2016

In a recent study respondents were asked how they would pay for a $400 emergency. Rather surprisingly, 47% of the respondents indicated that they wouldn’t be able to cover the expense out of their savings or checking account balances. What does that say about our collective finances?

LendIt 2016 Takeaways

Posted on Apr 19, 2016

Last week I attended and spoke at a breakout session for the 2016 LendIt USA conference in San Francisco. For those that don’t already know, LendIt is a two day conference centering on the rapidly growing FinTech industry. There were over 3,500 attendees all soaking up the wealth of information on "alternative financing."

A Very Simple Principle

Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Unless you’re in the financial industry you probably haven’t heard much about the Department of Labor’s recent regulatory changes regarding the application of the “fiduciary” standard to brokers and advisers serving retirement clients. This week's insight addresses some of the key points that all consumers of financial services should understand.

Did MarketVANE Do Its Job?

Posted on Apr 5, 2016

Last September we penned The Babe Ruth Effect to explain what one might expect from a trend following model like MarketVANE. As we pointed out, roughly two-thirds of “the Babe’s” at bats resulted in outs, meaning that every time he stepped up to the plate the most logical expectation would be that he would fail.

Buffett's Bet

Posted on Mar 29, 2016

Back in 2007 Warren Buffett issued a public challenge that the S&P 500 would outperform any basket of hedge funds. Hedge fund manager Ted Seides with Protege Partners took Buffett up on his challenge and "the Bet" was born. Now eight years into the bet, who is winning and what can we learn from it?

World Water Day

Posted on Mar 22, 2016

Today happens to mark World Water Day 2016. We talk a lot on this blog about what it means to live a truly rich life. World Water Day is no small occasion in my household, and actively working to support this cause is one of the many things that make our family life truly rich.

Daylight Saving Time: Why?

Posted on Mar 15, 2016

If you live in the United States, this past weekend you had to endure the time honored tradition of losing an hour every spring for Daylight Saving Time. In this week’s Insight we explore where DST came from and why it is still practiced in the US today. Spoiler alert…like many things in this world, it all comes down to money.

More Fool's Wisdom

Posted on Mar 8, 2016

On the heels of last week's post and keeping with the tone of the election season, we thought it was an appropriate time to re-post one of our favorite Insights called A Fool's Wisdom. We hope that this week's re-post shows that confidence and knowledge are not necessary correlated, which is yet another important thing to keep in mind during an election season.