Season Investments



Every client is given a secure online portal that allows them to login at any time and see portfolio detail as of the previous day's close.


While much of our effort is directed towards producing superior bottom-line results for our clients, we also want to ensure that we maintain full transparency and accountability in the process. This requires that we deliver comprehensive, user-friendly performance reporting while proactively communicating the "why" behind what we're doing in portfolios.

We believe our reporting is second to none in the industry. Every client is provided with a secure online portal that allows them to login at any time and see portfolio detail as of the previous day's close. The portal provides the following functionality:

  • Portfolio shown in aggregate, to include taxable accounts, IRAs, 401ks and private investments
  • "Slice-and-dice" options to view values and performance broken down by asset class, segment, security and account
  • Activity summarys showing beginning market value, net additions/withdrawals, fees paid, investment performance and ending market value
  • Net rates of return relative to portfolio targets and benchmarks

In addition to the client portal, we provide quarterly report packages that provide detail on current positioning, transactions, fees and performance analysis to include attribution and risk/return statistics.

An Investment Policy Statment (IPS) is developed for every portfolio under management. The IPS is a simple, two-page document that can be used in portfolio review meetings to compare what we have done with what we originally set out to do. As such, it is an effective form of communication and accountability between us and our clients. Ongoing portfolio review meetings are proactively scheduled based on a frequency (ie, semi-annually) delineated in the IPS. In addition, we use email as an efficient and convenient mode of communicating with our clients.

  • Macro Updates – Recap of our top-down views on various global issues impacting capital markets and client portfolios.
  • Micro Updates – Detailed profile of specific portfolio holdings describing why we purchased the investment and what we expect out of it.
  • Firm Updates – Occasional updates on material changes or developments at Season Investments. 

Finally, our “open door” policy means that we are accessible via phone, email or personal visits as needed on an ongoing basis.